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I'm Andrei. I'm a salesperson, value investor and puzzle books author.

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Throughout my career, I've worn many hats - from economist to property insurance broker, business analyst to sales regional manager. But beyond my professional experience, I'm also a passionate explorer of various interests. You'll find me diving into the latest tech trends, landscaping my backyard oasis, trekking through the great British outdoors, solving puzzles, and uncovering fascinating nuggets of history.
At the core of all my pursuits is a drive to discover new ways to turn resources into even more resources, to help others thrive and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. I'm always on the hunt for the latest ideas and tools that can help make that happen. So whether it's exploring new frontiers in technology, designing the (im)perfect outdoor space, or embarking on a thrilling trek through the wilderness, I'm always up for the challenge.What I am doing in my spare time.
//📚 Published The testing Mixed Puzzles for Adults and Blank Guitar Tabs Notebook - Don't Fret about it. Working on a new book.
// 🚀 On a mission to improve Money-Health worldwide by empowering readers so they can help themselves and others, one tweet (Mind the Money Health) and newsletter (Substack) at a time!
// 👩 Proudly helping my Mum on her Youtube career, who recently started creating unique handmade beads jewellery - Bijuterii Handmade by Buni [Romanian]
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